Canada – New version of RSS-247 Latest Transition Guidance

ISED has recently published Issue 2 of RSS-247 (our original post included details of the changes here).

The following certification procedure will apply with regards to the transition period for RSS-247 Issue 2:

  1. If a certificate has been issued to RSS-247 issue 1 before the date of publication of RSS-247 issue 2 (February 23, 2017), nothing needs to be changed and it can be submitted as is to ISED via the SpectraWeb application;
  2. If a certificate has not been issued before the date of publication of RSS-247 issue 2, ISED recommends compliance to issue 2 but will continue to accept test reports and certificates compliant with RSS-247 Issue 1 until August 23rd, 2017.  After August 23rd, 2017 , CBs shall issue certificates showing RSS-247 Issue 2 compliance and test reports may continue to be in compliance with RSS-247 Issue 1 until Februrary 23rd, 2018, only if:
    1. it is supplemented with a partial test report covering any missing requirements from RSS-247 Issue 2; or
    2. it includes an attestation signed by the applicant, lab or CB indicating that the report covers all requirements in RSS-247 Issue 2.
  3. After February 23rd, 2018, all test reports must be compliant with RSS-247 Issue 2.