Unlicensed Spectrum Update v2.5.0

NuZeal has released version 2.5.0 of its Unlicensed Spectrum Table to service subscribers. The updates for this version include:

Saudi Arabia 2.4 & 5 GHz changes based upon latest WLAN Regulations
New allocation for 5925-7125 MHz; Wi-Fi 6E
Malaysia New allocation for 5925-6425 MHz; Wi-Fi 6E
United Kingdom Consultation started for use of upper 6 GHz band (6425-7070 MHz)
Australia New allocation for 5925-6425 MHz; Wi-Fi 6E


Service Description

The table covers the bands:

  • 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
  • 5150 – 5875 MHz
  • 5875 – 7125 MHz

and is intended to cover typical unlicensed use cases for short range devices such as WLAN Access Points, clients and in-vehicle applications. It highlights power limits by band and other important information such as indoor/outdoor restrictions, DFS requirements, TPC requirements and bandwidth restrictions.

The table would be useful to chipset and device manufacturers to ensure that their product is operating in each country in accordance with current regulations. While type approval gives market access for a particular country this process does not always make it clear what technical restrictions are in place for device operation. For example, it is not a safe assumption to conclude that a country using EU test reports as part of its type approval process will have the same spectrum available and under the same conditions as EU countries; likewise those accepting FCC reports may not have the same spectrum available as the United States.

Tables currently include data for 190+ countries and have a detailed change history that is updated for each version. The tables also include information related to future rule making where changes are under consultation or proposals from regulators. A sample is available here.

For further details regarding this service please contact: col.smith AT nuzeal.com