EU – Draft Implementing Decision for WLAN operation in the 5 GHz band

The European Commission has published a draft Implementing Decision that covers the technical conditions for operation of WAS/RLANs in the 5 GHz band. The decision is intended to replace the earlier Implementing Decision 2005/513/EC. The major changes are related to the use of 5GHz devices within trains and road vehicles.

The EU Commission states that the objectives of this implementing decision are:

This draft Commission Implementing Decision sets out updated harmonised
technical conditions for the use of the radio spectrum in the 5 GHz by WAS/RLANs and
repeals Decision 2005/513/EC (as last amended by Decision 2007/90/EC) in the interest
of legal clarity. The goal is to implement the outcome of the World Radiocommunication
Conference in 2019 (WRC-19) with regard to WAS/RLANs in the 5 GHz band. WRC-19
revised the Resolution 229, notably by extending the scope of indoor use to trains and
road vehicles, setting out the maximum emission power for WAS/RLANs using the 5150-
5250 MHz frequency band in road vehicles, and allowing the outdoor use in the 5150-
5250 MHz band by protecting other existing uses in that band. The operation of Unmanned
Aircraft Systems (drones) is permitted in the 5170-5250 MHz band as a specific outdoor
use case.

The text of this draft can be found here along with the Annex containing the proposed technical details.

It is expected that this will enter into force in November 2021.