Saudi Arabia – Consultation on Spectrum Allocation for WLAN Applications

CITC has initiated a consultation on the radio spectrum and technical rules that are allocated to WLAN applications and are available for license free use. The consultation identifies new spectrum for the use of WLAN applications in the 6 GHz and 60 GHz bands.

CITC’s proposal would allow devices to operate in the 6GHz band under the following conditions:

  • Indoor devices in the range 5925-7125 MHz
    • Access Points at 1000mW EIRP
    • Client devices at 150mW EIRP
  • Indoor/Outdoor devices in the range 5925-7125 MHz at 25mW EIRP

Full details can be found on the CITC website here, and the consultation is open for comments until 08 July 2021.