US – Guidance for Certification of UNII 6GHz devices

The FCC have published guidance for the certification of devices operating in the new UNII 6GHz bands (KDB 987594) . FCC guidance has been split into two phases, this draft covers phase 1 for the certification of Low Power Indoor devices (AP, Subordinates and clients) operating from 5.925 – 7.125 GHz (UNII bands 5 through 8).

Phase 2 is expected at a later time covering Standard Power devices, which is dependent on the Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC) system.

Previously guidelines were published as a draft.

KDB 987594 has also been subsequently updated to update the antenna requirements of Indoor and Dual Client Devices:

Change Notice:
12/16/2020: 987594 D01 U-NII 6GHz General Requirements v01r01 replaces 987594 D01 U-NII 6GHz General
Requirements v01 to correct Table 6. The previous version v01 erroneously indicated that indoor and dual clients
required an integral Antenna. It was updated to display, along with other devices, that 15.203 applies.