Brazil – Updates to Regulations for restricted radiation devices

Anatel has initiated Public Consultation No. 54, proposing to update Annex I of Act No. 14.448, of December 4, 2017 , to include the technical requirements for assessing the technical compliance of Radiation Radiocommunication Equipment applied to the following specific conditions of use:

    • Level Detection and Electromagnetic Field Variation Sensor in radar system applications in the range of 76-81 GHz;
    • Wireless Broadband Access System for Local Area Networks operating in the 5.150–5.350 MHz and 5.850-5.895 MHz bands;
    • Vehicle Communication System ( Intelligent Transportation System – ITS) in the 5.850-5.925 MHz band; and
    • Wireless Multigigabit system operating in the 57-71 GHz range.
    • In addition to the inclusion of the techniques for evaluating the Media Access Sharing System.

The current draft version of the Act can be found here.