Canada – Consultation on Radio Standard, RSS-310 Licensed-Exempt Radio apparatus

The Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC) has started a consultation on the following radio standard:

The major changes for Issue 5 are listed as:

  1. Transfer requirements for devices operating in the band 24-24. 25 GHz to RSS-210, Licence Exempt Radio Apparatus: Category I Equipment. These devices are now required to be certified under RSS-210.
  2. Add provision for transition period.
  3. Refer to RSS-Gen, General Requirements for Compliance of Radio Apparatus for required text to be inserted into user manuals.
  4. Remove provision for electronic labelling of equipment as this provision is now provided in RSS-Gen.
  5. Remove requirements for Category II receivers as these receivers are now covered in RSS-Gen.
  6. Remove exemption from any requirement for infrared wireless devices.
  7. Update requirements for alternating current (AC) wire carrier current devices.
  8. Update general information.