Brazil – New policy for EMC tests for equipment sold without a power supply

Anatel has published official letter 430/2019 that revises the policy for EMC tests required for devices that are not sold with a power supply. The new guidance from Anatel states:

Subject: Application of Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests on equipment sold without a power supply.

  1. We hereby inform Telecommunications Product Manufacturers, Designated Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories that, in order to relieve the telecommunications industry and make the certification process more accessible and expeditious, Circular Letter 16 / 2009-RFCEC / RECE-Anatel will lose effect from September 1, 2019.
  2. Other Electromagnetic Compatibility tests that are independent of the power supply remain mandatory as required by the technical requirements.

The previous guidance in official letter 16/2009 stated that if an equipment was sold without a power supply, then EMC testing should be performed normally as if the power supply were part of the product.