Indonesia – Changes for Short Range Devices

A new regulation form the Minister of Communication and Information Technology defines the radio frequencies that are available to Short Range Devices using a Class License. This new regulation cover many kinds of applications from Bluetooth, WLAN, Low Power WAN, DSRC, Licensed Assisted Access (LAA), RFID and non-specific SRDs.

WLAN devices can now operate under one of two roles:

  1. Outdoor Systems in the bands:
    1. 2400-2483.5 MHz, and
    2. 5725-5825 MHz
  2. Indoor systems in the bands:
    1. 2400-2483.5 MHz,
    2. 5150-5250 MHz,
    3. 5250-5350 MHz, and
    4. 5725-5825 MHz

In addition to the new Class License arrangements, new technical regulations for type approval are also being published (WLAN, DSRC and LPWAN has already been published).