Pakistan – Updated list of devices that are exempted from Type Approval

PTA has reduced their list of devices that are exempt from Type Approval. This list now includes the following:

No. Equipment Name
1 Networking Equipment (Switches, Firewalls, Servers, Storage Devices)
2 Laptops /Desktops/Personal Computer (Non-Sim based devices)
3 Tablet PC with Wifi only Functionality (Non-Sim based devices)
4 GPS only devices
5 Smart Watches with Bluetooth / Wi-fi functionality only (Without SIM or Tracking

The following devices were previously listed, but are no longer exempt from type approval requirements.

6 RFID/Bluetooth/NFC devices
7 Wi-Fi Access Points Operating in ISM Band (2.4-2.5GHz, 5725-5.875GHz) and conform to PTA ISM Band Regulation SRO 287(I)/2016
8 Low powered/short range keyless entry system/remote controls on non-interference basis