Canada – Publication of RSS-Gen Issue 5

ISED has published RSS-Gen Issue 5, concerning the General Requirements for Compliance of Radio Apparatus.

From the ISED website the changes are:

  1. New section 1.1 adds a provision for a transition period regarding RSS-Gen.
  2. New section 2.5 adds a provision for a transition period regarding applicable RSSs.
  3. Section 2.7.1 adds the requirement for certified devices to be listed in the radio equipment list (REL) before they can be leased, offered for sale, or sold.
  4. New section 2.8 adds a provision for radio apparatus used for demonstration purposes.
  5. Section 2.9 updates the provision for requesting a special authorization.
  6. Section 4 incorporates labelling specifications from RSP-100, Certification of Radio Apparatus.
  7. Section 5.3 clarifies that in the case of stand-alone receivers not operating in the band 30-960 MHz containing components which are covered by Interference-Causing Equipment Standards (ICES), the applicable ICES including its labelling requirement shall apply.
  8. Section 6.2 adds a reference to the documents REC-LAB, Procedure for the Recognition of Foreign Testing Laboratories, and DES-LAB, Procedure for Designation and Recognition of Canadian Testing Laboratories, for requirements regarding test site facilities.
  9. Section 6.6 adds applicable restrictions when measuring field strength above 30 MHz at a distance greater than 30 m from the equipment under test.
  10. Section 6.8 modifies the transmit antenna section to apply to both licensed and licence-exempt equipment.
  11. Section 6.9 clarifies the requirements for test frequencies versus operating frequency bands.
  12. Section 6.10 adds a requirement for average detectors to comply with the characteristics given in Publication #16 of the International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CAN/CSA-CISPR) 16-1-1:15.
  13. Section 6.11 clarifies the requirements for the power supply voltage to be used when measuring transmitter frequency stability.
  14. Section 6.13.2 extends the frequency range for measuring unwanted emissions to 200 GHz and adds a provision on measurement for equipment containing digital devices at a higher frequency.
  15. Section 8.7 clarifies the conditions for passive RFID tags to be exempt from any ISED certification, testing and labelling requirements.
  16. Section 8.9 adds the frequency bands 0.495-0.505 MHz, 8.41425-8.41475 MHz, 149.9-150.05 MHz, 162.0125-167.17 MHz, 167.72-173.2 MHz and 2483.5-2500 MHz to the Table of Restricted Frequency Bands.
  17. Section 8.11 clarifies a requirement for the frequency stability of unlicensed devices where the frequency stability limit is not specified.
  18. Section 9 no longer includes definitions which are related to specific RSSs.
  19. Editorial updates and improvements have been made.