Canada – Consultation on RSS-Gen Issue 5

The Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC) has started a consultation on the draft of RSS-Gen, Issue 5. This standard sets out general and certification requirements for licensed and license-exempt radio apparatus used for radiocommunication other than broadcasting.

From the draft document here is a list of the main changes:

  1. New section 2.6: add provision for a transition period.
  2. Section 2.7.1: add requirement that certified devices have to be listed in the Radio equipment List (REL) before it can be leased, offered for sale, or sold.
  3. New section 2.9: add provision for home-build devices.
  4. New section 2.10: add provision for radio apparatus used for demonstration purpose.
  5. Section 2.11: update provision for requesting a special authorization.
  6. Section 4: incorporate labelling specifications from RSP-100 into this document.
  7. Section 5.3: clarify that stand-alone receiver not operating in the band 30-960 MHz containing components which are covered by ICES, the applicable ICES shall apply including ICES labelling requirement.
  8. Section 6.2: add reference to document REC-LAB for requirements for test site facilities.
  9. Section 6.6: add applicable restrictions when measuring field strength above 30 MHz at a distance greater than 30 m from the equipment under test.
  10. Section 6.8: modify the transmit antenna section to apply to both licenced and licence-exempt equipment.
  11. Section 6.9: clarify the requirements on test frequencies versus operating frequency bands.
  12. Section 6.10: add requirement for average detector to comply with the characteristics given in Publication #16 of the International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CAN/CSACISPR) 16-1-1:15.
  13. Section 6.11: clarify the requirements for the power supply voltage to be used when measuring transmitter frequency stability.
  14. Section 6.13.2: extend the frequency range for measuring unwanted emissions to 200 GHz and add provision for measurement for equipment containing digital device at higher frequency.
  15. Section 8.7: add clarification on conditions for passive RFID tags to be exempted from any ISED certification, testing and labelling requirements.
  16. Section 8.9: add the frequency bands 0.495-0.505 MHz, 8.41425-8.41475 MHz, 149.9-150.05 MHz, 162.0125-167.17 MHz, 167.72-173.2 MHz and 2483.5-2500 MHz to the Table of Restricted Frequency Bands.
  17. Section 8.10: add requirement for unlicensed devices’ frequency stability where the frequency stability limit is not specified.
  18. Section 9: remove definitions which are related to specific RSS(s).

Comments can be made until March 16, 2018.

Consultation materials can be found here: