Argentina – New Standard for Base Transceivers of Mobile Communications Services

argentinaENACOM has recently published resolution 5927-E/2017 which includes a new standard ENACOM-Q2-61.04 V17.1 which has been established for “Radio Base Transceivers for Mobile Communications Services” or cellular base stations or repeaters.

This new regulation is expected to be in force from July 4, 2018. Prior to this new approval applications and renewals can be submitted as before.

  • Radio base stations must be tested in-country to the new standard after July 2018
  • Covers GSM, UMTS and LTE base stations

Covers the following classes of base station, with maximum conducted power as specified:

  • Wide Area Base Station: no limit
  • Medium Range Base Station: 38 dBm
  • Local Area Base Station: 24 dBm
  • Home Base Station:
    • 1 TX: 20 dBm
    • 2 TX: 17 dBm
    • 4 TX: 14 dBm
    • 8 TX: 11 dB