Argentina – New Standard for Cellular Devices

argentinaENACOM has recently published resolution 5762-E/2017 which includes a new standard ENACOM-Q2-61.03 V17.1 which has been established for “User Terminals of Services of Mobile Communications” or cellular devices.

This new regulation is expected to be in force from July 4, 2018. Prior to this new approval applications and renewals can be submitted as before.

As part of this new regulation cellular devices will require in-country testing before applying for ENACOM approval. Old regulations CNC 450/2000 and CNC 270/2002 are repealed from July 4, 2018.

The bands applicable to GSM/UMTS and LTE are summarized below:

  • Band GSM 850 (GSM) / Band V (UMTS)
  • Band PCS 1900 (GSM) / Band II (UMTS)
  • Band 28 (LTE)
  • Band 8 (LTE), just 905-915 MHz (UL) & 950-960 MHz (DL) portions.
  • Band 4 / Band 10 (LTE)
  • Band 7 / Band 38 (LTE)