Thailand – New standard for IoT devices

NBTC of Thailand has published a new standard NBTC TS 1033-2560 that identifies the technical requirements for non-RFID devices operating in the 920-925MHz band.

Previously this band was open to RFID only but can now be used by non-RFID devices, for example LoRaWAN and other LPWAN technologies.

A summary of the new technical requirements is presented below:

Description Detail
Frequency Range 920-925MHz
Output Power Maximum 4W eirp
Spectrum Access Duty cycle or Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum requirements
Duty Cycle Duty cycle over 1 hour:

Output Power Duty Cycle
< 50mW eirp 1%
>50mW eirp 10%
20dB Bandwidth Number of hopping channels Dwell time Condition of usage
<250kHz Not more than 20 0.4 seconds within 8 seconds Not over 10% in 1 hour
>250kHz, but not more than 500kHz Not more than 10 0.4 seconds within 4 seconds Not over 10% in 1 hour