Brazil – Consultation for Restricted Radiated Devices – Technical Requirements

Anatel has initiated Public Consultation No. 27 and proposes changes to the recently published technical requirements in Act 11,542 (of August 23, 2017).

This document and consultation covers the technical requirements for many short range devices such as WLAN and Bluetooth and aims to modify the following:

  1. Update the definitions of Duty Cycle and Spectrum Spreading and Frequency Hopping technologies.
  2. Changes in section 14 (Equipment Using Spectrum Spreading Technology or Other Digital Modulation Technologies) to align with international standards, thus allowing the certification of equipment operating with spectrum spreading technologies by fundamental frequency sweep and with low Duty Cycle such as CSS ( Chirp Spread Spectrum).
  3. Changes in the electric field strength values ​​in the first two rows of table XII of item 17 (Radio Frequency Identification Systems) to align with international standards.
  4. Changes in section 12 (Cordless Telephone Systems) to enable new data transmission technologies in the 1,910 – 1,920 MHz band, which was previously exclusive to audio traffic.
  5. Grouping of sections 7 (Telemetry Equipment and Wireless Microphone), 11 (Hearing Aid Device), 12 (Cordless Telephone Systems), 13 (CTCP Wireless Extension Systems) and 21 (Environmental Sound System) in a single section to be called Audio, Video, or Other Applications Transmission Systems, in which tables are presented, grouping the requirements of said sections.
  6. Other changes in the form of the text to clarify its understanding, without changes of its substance.

Please contact us for details of how to participate in the consultation process (submissions can be made before 30 November 2017).