Mexico – New requirements for mobile terminal equipment (NOM-221)

Mexico has recently published draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-221-SCFI-2017 that includes requirements for mobile telecommunications equipment.

This standard is expected to enter force 60 days after its publication in the Official Journal as a final standard. Comment period for the draft is open until 15 September 2017.

This standard established requirements for:

  • IMEI numbers
  • FM radio receivers

IFETEL’s regulation IFT-011-2017 will be used to assess products that fall within this scope. As part of the application for approval manufacturers will need to submit a list of IMEIs for all products that will be sold in Mexico. Samples will also have to demonstrate that that they are programmed with a valid IMEI. Any devices that have a FM receiver will need to demonstrate that broadcasts are received using the FM receiver and that no cellular or other data connection is used to construct the broadcast signal.

NOM-221 will also be a prerequisite for other IFETEL certifications that are required, for example NOM-208 for short range WLAN or BT transceivers.