Taiwan – Draft Amendment for Low Power Radio Frequency Devices

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications intends to amend the “Table of Frequency Allocation,” previously published on 22 February 2017, by adding frequencies for the use of low-power IoT equipment, low-power radio beacon in seaside, wireless radio frequency identification system and mobile broadband business. The proposed amendments are made based on international technology standards so as to facilitate market development and meet the demands of consumers. The amendments are summarized below:

  1. To revise the disabled frequency band by adding newly announced frequency band for mobile broadband business to the “Table of Frequency Allocations.”
  2. To add 920 MHz~925 MHz and 926 MHz~928 MHz frequency band for the use of IoT equipment and radio beacon in seaside, and amend the frequency band for wireless radio frequency identification system.

The proposed date for entry into force is 13 October 2017.

Specifically section 4.8.1 would be modified for the following uses:

(1) Radio frequency identification (RFID) devices: 920 MHz to 928 MHz
(2) Radio beacon in seasides/offshore activities: 926 MHz to 928 MHz
(3) Other IoT devices: 920 MHz to 925 MHz