India – New Draft Approval Procedure for Telecom Equipment

TEC of India has published a new draft approval procedure for telecommunications equipment. The new procedure is expected to be in force some time later this year.

Two groups of product types are covered by the Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) and the General Certification Scheme (GCS).

Equipment covered under Simplified Certification Scheme

Sr. No. Type of equipment/ System Category of equipment
1 Coin Box  Telephone III
2 Coin Box Telephone (Table Top interface) III
3 CLIP Phone VI
4 Charge Indicator for PCO operation II
5 V.92   Modem III
6 NSD/ISD Payphone IV
7 Cordless Telephone III
8 Point of Sales(POS) terminal with PSTN/CDMA/ GSM/GPRS interface III
9 Terminals for connecting to PSTN III
10 Attachments to the Telephone II
11 Conference Facility Device II
12 V.90   Modem III
14 Key Telephone Systems III
15 Extension Line Jack Unit (ELJU) I
16 Voice Band Data Modem (V.21 to V.34) II
17 Subscriber Service Unit for Calling Line Identification Presentation (SSU for CLIP)  (Amendment no.1 dated 27.9.99) II
18 Electronic Telephone Instrument III
19 2-Line Feature Phone IV
20 Coupling Hearing Aids to Telephone Sets III
21 SMS Phone for PSTN VII
22 Executive Telephone System III
23 Group 3 FAX  Machine/Card III

Equipment under General Certification Scheme

Sr. No. Type of equipment/ System Category of Equipment
1 ADSL2+ for Central Office and remote office applications IV
3 System Employing Computer Telephony Integration VI
4 Remote Access Server (RAS) V
5 IP Media Gateway V
6 Customer Premises Equipment for MPLS Network V
7 Routers V
8 ATM Access Equipment Connecting to DTS ATM Network V
9 High Speed Line Drivers. III
10 Frame Relay Access service. IV
11 Data Interface to G.703 Interface Converter II
12 Ethernet Electrical to optical Media converter III
13 LAN Switch IV
14 Set Top Box for Content Delivery Services in IP Network IV
15 Firewall System IV
17 Multi Line Telephone System III
18 ISDN Customer Premises Equipment Interface Requirements III
19 ISDN Network Termination (NT1) III
20 Radio Modem in ISM Band V
21 Wi-Fi Access Point IV
22 Wi-Fi CPE III
23 Mobile Radio Trunking Communication Equipment VI
24 Mobile Radio Trunking Subscriber Equipment IV
25 Mobile Station/Handset based on GSM / GPRS / EGPRS III
26 User equipment/Handset based on WCDMA/HSPA III
27 Mobile Station/Handset based on CDMA 2000 III
28 IR on 3 G Data Card III
29 IR on CDMA Data Card III
30 CDMA 2000 1x Remote Stations IV
31 Any other item not listed in List A or B