Ecuador – New Approval and Certification Regulation

ecuadorARCOTEL has published a new regulation for the approval and certification of communications equipment (Resolution 03-03-ARCOTEL-2017).

Some of the changes under this regulation include:

  • ARCOEL will no longer test products or require samples (except in extraordinary cases).
  • Photos in the submission must clearly show the device and cannot be taken from test reports or product related brochures.
  • Approvals will be done by class, brand and model.

There will be classifications depending on use of the spectrum and connections to public networks. This is a list of the classes in the new regulation:

Class Examples
Terminals for the Advanced Mobile Service (SMA) Phone, or other equipment that have an IMEI and connect to the network operators Advanced Mobile Service.
Bearer service terminals (P) Terminal on the user side to connect to bearer service networks, such as radios and CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment).
Terminals Fixed Telephony Service (STF) Cordless phones for fixed telephone service. E.g. Cell CDMA450 or WiMax.
Terminals for Satellite Telecommunications Service (TTS) Satellite phones
Terminals for Internet access. (AI) Equipment allowing wireless access to internet. E.g. Access point, computers, laptops, printers, audio and video consoles, or other equipment wirelessly connected.
Terminals for the trunking service. (T) Trunked two-way radios
Terminals for Community Service (C) Two-way radios or other equipment used in communal systems.

Products that fall into more than one class or category will need a certificate for each.