Australia – Consultation on Sunsetting radiocommunications standards

australiaThe ACMA is seeking public comment on the remaking of five radiocommunications standards that support the regulatory arrangements for devices. The standards discussed in the consultation paper will sunset unless they are remade before their sunsetting date.

The Legislation Act 2003 provides a regime for the automatic repeal of regulations and other legislative instruments after 10 years, unless action is taken to exempt them. This process is referred to as ‘sunsetting’. To preserve the effect of a standard, it needs to be remade before the sunset date.

This consultation affects the following standards:

Name of standard Short name Sunset Date
Radiocommunications (Digital Cordless Communications Devices – DECT Devices) Standard 2007 DECT Standard 1 October 2017
Radiocommunications (Digital Cordless Communications Devices – PHS Devices) Standard 2007 PHS Standard 1 October 2017
Radiocommunications (Devices Used in the Inshore Boating Radio Services Band) Standard 2008 Inshore Boating Standard 1 October 2018
Radiocommunications (HF CB and Handphone Equipment) Standard 2008 Handphone Standard 1 October 2018
Radiocommunications (Cordless Telephone) Standard 2008 Cordless Telephone Standard 1 April 2019

Consultation closes: 26 May 2017. Full details can be found here.