UAE – Draft Technical Requirements for Terrestrial Radio Receivers (AM/FM/T-DAB+)

united_arab_emiratesThe Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has published a draft Technical Regulation for devices that can receive terrestrially transmitted AM, FM and T-DAB+ radio services. This standard covers many types of receiver, including home receivers, portable receivers, devices integrated into the vehicle dashboard and aftermarket devices mounted in the dashboard, behind the dashboard, to the vehicle windscreen or elsewhere. This specification covers devices whose sole function is to receive radio services, and also devices which have one or more other functions in addition to receiving radio services.

This standard shall apply to all producers, manufacturers, importers and retailers who wish to sell radio receivers and all other products which have built-in radio receivers in the UAE.

It is expected that the standard will be finalized soon and enforced from January 2018.

The latest version of the draft regulation can be found here: pdf-document-download

Responses to comments made by the European Union can be found here: pdf-document-download