Mexico – Draft NOM-208 Standard

mexicoSince its publication in the Official Gazette of Mexico the draft standard PROY-NOM-208-SCFI-2016 is in public consultation. Enforcement of the final standard is expected in the February/March 2017 time frame. This new standard is intended to replace NOM-121-SCT1-1999 (NOM-121) and its successor NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 (NOM-016). These standards cover spread spectrum and frequency hopping radio devices operating in the bands 902-928MHz, 2400-2483.5MHz and 5725-5850MHz (includes WLAN and Bluetooth).

We are not expecting any changes to the technical requirements or testing process since the draft of NOM-208 still refers to the technical requirements in IFT-008-2015 (same as NOM-016).

Existing approvals under NOM-121 or NOM-016 are not impacted until their expiry date (if applicable) and new devices can still be approved directly with IFETEL using the IFT-008-2015 test results. In future, when NOM-208 is enforced it is expected that manufacturers can update to a NOM-208 based certificate using their existing IFT-008-2015 test data without need for a retest.