Colombia – Approval required for telephone devices

colombiaComision de Regulacion de Comunicaciones (CRC) has published Resolution 5031 of 2016. It modifies the table of devices that require formal approval before being connected to Colombian networks. It applies to all telephony devices that use mobile networks, satellite connected networks and PSTN. The regulation is effective 3 months from its publication date (enforced from January 7th 2017).



Fixed phone and/ or Fixed Wireless

  • National standard adopted in resolution CRT 1673 2006
  • FCC – Part 68 or
  • ETSI IS203-021

Satellite phone

  • Technical standards of resolution 361st 1997
  • FCC -Part 25

Mobile Terminal

  • 850MHz band: FCC – Part 22, subpart H
  • Band 1900 MHz: FCC- part 24, Subpart E
  • AWS Band (1700/2100 MHz): FCC- Part 27
  • 2500 MHz band: ETSI EN 301908-13