Canada – Changes for Unintentional Radiators

canadaIndustry Canada has updated ICES-003 to Issue 6; the EMC standard for unintentional radiators including Information Technology Equipment. The changes in this revision include:


List of Changes:

  1. Updated Section 2.1 to clarify the definition of an ITE device.
  2. Updated Section 2.3 to include storage media.
  3. Updated Section 2.4 to clarify applicability of broadcasting equipment.
  4. Updated Section 3(b) to reference the latest version of ANSI C63.4-2014.
  5. Updated Section 4(e) to clarify that external thermostats are subject to the requirements of ICES-003. Industry will have until March 1, 2017, to ensure that these thermostats sold, offered for sale, manufactured, imported, distributed or leased are compliant.


Full details and text of the new version can be found at: